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News & Notes:
7/4/04: North American Knotweed Symposium scheduled for March 2005 in Vancouver, click here for details.
7/2/04: Updated Knotweed Nomenclature, now with foreign names!
6/27/04: New AP article, link in the Knotweed Lit section.
5/27/04: Site improvements are here, new content is on its way!
11/24/03: New, enhanced content on the "Knotweed Nomenclature" page.
10/31/03: Visit the new "Knotweed Literature" page to get links to articles and websites about knotweed.
6/18/03: There are now three Japanese knotweed items for sale at the Invasive Species Weblog store, check it out.
Thinking about planting Japanese Knotweed, Giant Knotweed, or Silver Lace Vine in your garden? Please reconsider. Even "non-invasive" cultivars can contribute to the general problem of knotweed invasion, because hybridization can occur. Also, consider planting native species instead!

Photos of Japanese Knotweed

 Below are links to photos of Japanese Knotweed in many stages of growth. This page documents the resprout of knotweed stems from an established rhizome, beginning in spring of 2002, and follows the plant through the summer, during flowering time. All photos were taken along the Monatiquot River in Braintree, Massachusetts.
  • Knotweed invading a truck. You can tell the truck's been there for a while because there is heavy fruit set on the stems around the truck, but none on the inflorescences in the truck.

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