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About the Invasive Species Weblog and its creator:

While working on my thesis, my research became more and more focused on a single species (Japanese knotweed), and I was no longer keeping up with developments regarding other invasives. I started the ISW in April of 2002, with two goals in mind: 1) Find a way to keep up with current events and 2) Find a way to keep up with current internet trends. With a public record of my efforts, I have found that I am less likely to "slack off" and stop keeping an eye out for important invasive species issues.

My interests have expanded past Japanese knotweed since I started my post-doc, but I've kept up the blog. Invasive species media coverage has grown quite a bit over the past several years - instead of hunting for post topics, I often have to choose between subjects for each daily entry. As of January 2008, the ISW has over 1800 posts, covering a full range of topics, from legal issues, to early detection warnings, to the use of invasive species in marketable products. On the weekends the ISW does some photoblogging and reports on what other bloggers are saying about invasive species (blog blogging?). So enjoy your visit, take a moment to catch up on current events, and don't forget there's a search tool that you can use to find older posts about topics you are interested in...and feel free to peruse the store for all of your geeky invasive plant gear needs.

The views expressed here are my own (or those of the commenters) and are not intended to represent any organization or agency that I am affiliated with.

- Jennifer Forman Orth