First Speaker Announced!

First Speaker Announced!

We are excited to announce that we have booked a great speaker for our fall meeting! Avalon is also the current President of the Cambridge Entomological Club, so we are lucky to have “stolen” her for the afternoon!

Light pollution as a driver of insect declines

Is light pollution an important—but overlooked—bringer of the insect apocalypse? Join us for a presentation by Avalon Owens, Ph.D. candidate and a Switzer Environmental Fellow at Tufts University, about the impact of artificial light at night (ALAN) on insect declines through its interference with the development, movement, foraging, and reproductive success of diverse insect taxa, as well as its positive effect on insectivore predation. ALAN is unique among anthropogenic habitat disturbances in that it is fairly easy to ameliorate, and leaves behind no residual effects. Greater recognition of the ways in which ALAN affects insects can help conservationists reduce or eliminate one of the major drivers of insect declines. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of how artificial lights can be tuned to reduce their impact on vulnerable populations.

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