Myles Standish Daytime Walk Event

Myles Standish Daytime Walk Event

The Myles Standish State Forest walk was a huge success! We had a small but enthusiastic group of attendees that hiked in the heat and took some amazing photos. The weather was beautiful and wonderfully cooperative. We walked a good amount on the gasline trail and found some awesome insects and arachnids. The Bearberry was in full bloom and pollinators were all over it. We had a handful of species of butterfly (Brown and Hoary Elfins, American Painted Lady, Azures) and a day flying moth (Celery Looper). There were lots of neat beetles out as well, Blister Beetles and Tiger Beetles were walking and flying all along the trail. Lots of bees, flies, and other pollinators were also present in large quantity. The group found a lot of Promethea Moth cocoons on cherry saplings along the trail and opening them up showed the adult moth pupae very well. Lots of the state protected Buck Moth eggs were also found.

Some of the highlights included finding the Massachusetts state flower (Mayflower) in bloom, lots of violets, and of course, all the insects!

A full list of species for both the daytime and nighttime event can be found here.

If you have photos from this trip, feel free to email it to us at or post to our facebook group (New England Entomological Society).

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